Blood & Truth :First-Person Shooter

Blood & Truth :First-Person Shooter

Blood & Truth is a 2019 first-person shooter game developed by SIE London Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. 


The game begins with Ryan Marks being interrogated by agent Carson, who explains his current situation. During the interrogation, flashbacks show the events that happened up until the interrogation.

Ryan got under the computer and rescued his fellow soldier, Deacon and they both escaped the scene before Ryan was informed that his father was dying of a heart attack. Ryan is sent home to London and picked up by his brother Nick from the airport.

After the funeral, Ryan meets his mother Anne, but is interrupted by a gunshot wound, and the family is confronted by Tony Sharp, London's case manager Kayla, a woman who allegedly works for Tony and kills one of Anne and Tony's bodyguards, Keach's brother.


The game is a first-person shooting game..The player takes over the reins of Ryan Marks, a former Special Forces soldier who is supposed to save his family from London crime bosses. 

Players can hide behind covers and carry various guns to shoot enemies. To navigate the game, players need to look somewhere and press a button. The playing character will automatically move to the scene. Players can also interact with a variety of objects.

Be The Hero:

Players battle through the crime-ridden London underworld as elite soldier Ryan Marks in his deadliest mission yet to save his family from a ruthless criminal empire.

Take out your targets using stealth mode, over-the-top epic gun play as you drive, parachute and rappel across the city amid exciting set pieces.


Players can experience the thrill of becoming a big screen action hero by wielding two PlayStation®Move motion controllers .

Players can enjoy every moment of the drama with a unique soundtrack of classic movie orchestral scoring and London grime composed by leading artists.

Wreak havoc through an unpredictable story packed with twists, turns and shocking revelations.

Release Date:

Blood &Truth was released on May 28, 2019 for the PS4 virtual reality headset PlayStation VR.



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