Sea of solitude - The Monsters inside

Sea of solitude - The Monsters inside

Sea of Solitude is an adventure video game developed by German studio Jo-Mei Games and published by Electronic Arts. The main character on the game is a girl named “Kay”. Due to loneliness that makes her feel hopeless, anger and worthless, she becomes a monster.


She has to face her own demons inside to get rid of her monstrous form. The monsters include the people she loved but ruined the relationship and also her own feelings that let her down like, Self-doubt and Self-destruction.



The whole story revolves around “Kay”, the main character. The Maps of levels are designed out of her memory and the weather is the representation of her mood. The rain represents her tears that floods her mind where Self-Destruction lurks around.She carries a bag with herself which is the burden she carries around in real life.


Bird Monster

The Bird monsters represents Kay’s Brother who is continuously being bullied at school life, but no one listens to him. As a result he turns from a small innocent boy into a monster who just wants everyone to leave him alone.

The Parents

The parents are also represented by two monsters, who can not live together but still they hold their marriage for the sake of their kids but what they don’t know is that every time they try to make it work their kids are the ones who end up getting hurt


A Wolf is portrayed as Kay’s boyfriend-Jack, who also hides his pain and feelings and show himself to be fine from the outside. But in doing so, he also becomes a monster from the inside. So when Kay tries to connect to him, His monster side crawls from within and takes over.


In the Store Kay has to face all the monsters and learn what she did wrong and She has to overcome her fears in the process. But in doing so she faces a lot of her self monsters that block her way.


Self-doubt is the monster that keeps telling her that she’s worthless and of no use. That she always makes the matters worse. Self-doubt really stops her from moving on, so in order to continue she has to overcome her self-doubt.


Self-Destruction is lurking in the floods of her tears, it is always waiting for Kay to drown in her tears so that it could eat her alive. Self-Destruction is present throughout the story as it is always there to destroy her.

Kay has to face all of her monsters in order to prove her worth in her own eyes. The journey is long and hard but she can not stop at any cost and she also learn that the only person her happiness can truly depend upon is “herself”.

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