Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Trailer

This is a cinematic trailer of Assassins creed Valhalla, meaning the game will not exactly be the same. There have been people comparing it to other games like Skyrim and for honour but it's nothing like that. Have a look at the trailer first.

The trailer sets off where the fighter assassins are shown living with their families. This time, it wasn't a tragic event that forced them into fighting, instead they are Vikings. Fighting is in their blood.

The king is then shown off starting a war while his closest stands right next to him. Smiling as if he wanted it to begin. The scene cuts off to an epic fighting scene where fighters assassins are suddenly bombarded with fire arrows. Whlist taking cover behind their shields, they lose some men. The war begins with a standoff between two rivals.

Apparently, there are deaths in very, i don't know how to put it, voilent ways. A man is beheaded, while others continue to lost parts of their body, yikes. Though i wish it's not just the cinematics, it should be in some finishers of the game.

There's a guy fighting enemies with a sword while impaled by a spear. I mean, that is HELLA COOL but he dies soon. An armored man surrounds our hero, captures him by the neck to choke him but then, he falls. The assassins blades are out men! That could have been the most epic moment of the trailer but i kinda expected that, so the coolest hero award goes to the fighter fighting with a spear in his body.

What i want from the game? Epic finishers, like jumping off a high rock and stabbing a bad guy in his neck on landing. That'd be cool! Other than that, regular assassins creed stuff would be fine. 

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